"As we work to create light for others

We naturally light our own way"

Mary Anne Radmacher


LIGHT HOUSE by Electrosen, provides lighting solutions for private housings, fashion shops, offices, showrooms, restaurants, event halls and many others.

LIGHT HOUSE is attentive to the Israeli consumer.The range of light fixtures we offer provide the ideal solution for any use, style or budget, for both private and professional customers. Our range includes decorative fixtures from top designers as well as technical solutions for commercial spaces.

We give our clients the perfect shopping experience in a homely and relaxed atmosphere.
The company promotes international lighting concepts and designs, and is the sole representative in Israel of top-name brands such as:

RZB, TROLL, Metalarte, Westinghouse, MCI,Citizen LED, MODISS,CELIENE WRIGHT, SLAMP, SWAROVSKI, VLUX and more.
LIGHT HOUSE provides quality products and  professional service.

Lighting creates an atmosphere, affects the emotions and creates a dynamic space.

LIGHT HOUSE offers customers the services of leading lighting designers, for personal and professional accompaniment.
For private customers, LIGHT HOUSE opens up a world of possibilities. Thanks to our professional team and range of light fixture, we succeed in fitting each room and area within the house with the best lighting solution which includes functionality and style. Our customer service includes consultation, designing lighting solutions according to the client requirements.

For professional customers, LIGHT HOUSE provides its vast experience and knowledge. Our professional team provides technical solutions. Throughout the entire process our customers can enjoy the services of our team of experts who assist with characterizing requirements and finding technical solutions.