PUK - LED CATALOG 2014 - אלקטרוזן - page 7

Experienced products,
reliability and know-how
All articles have been tested by EN 60529 european
More than this, mechanical tests have been car-
ried out by European or Italian Certified Institutes and
results are available on request.
Mechanical test:
1.000 Kg, 5.000 Kg and 10.000 Kg
resistance are carried out by TÜV Certified Institute
in Italy.
Shock resistance tests. IK rating
(CEI EN 50102
norms). Results available on request.
Water resistance test
(IEC 529 norm)
IP protective
degree rating. Results available on request.
Salt spray (saline fog) Testing
Corrosion Test
are regularly carried on most of the products UNI ISO
9227. Results available on request.
Routine Tests
are carried on in partnership with sub-
contractors or inside Puk manufacturing area.
Eulumdat Photometrics
on all products are available
on request.
5 years LONG LIFE warranty is valid for all articles.
After-sale assistance
by our Export Dpt.
you don’t only buy an object.
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